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Student Class Activities
The foundation of a student’s education is largely based on the activities and lessons that take place in the classroom. In addition to the individual student’s writing of lesson notes, working on exercises and completing workbook assignments, a student learns a great deal from the whole-class activities in which she/he participates. Furthermore, these ‘hands-on’ activities serve to reinforce the lesson that was taught and to develop skills in the student that complement the curricular, academic education that she/he receives.
Grade 6 Art Activity
Grade 5 Art Activity
Student Parent Interaction in Class
Grade 4 Working on a project on 'Wales'
Grade 4 Bark-rubbing Science Activity
Grade 2 Science Activity
Grade 11 Physics Lesson
Grade 11 Physics Lesson
KG-2 Science Lesson
Grade 5 Cooking Lesson
Grade 8 Home Economics
Grade 8 Home Economics
Grade 4 Science Lesson
Nursery Class
Nursery Class
Nursery Class
Grade 5 Social Studies
Our Students Participating at the SZIA
'Universal Children's Day' Function
Nursery Class-Music Lesson
Nursery Class-Music Lesson
Grade 9 Physics Lesson
KG-2 Science Activity
KG-2 Science Activity
Grade 7 - Art Activity
Junior Students Banners
Junior Students Visiting the
Arabic Language Days Display
SZIA Students
SZIA Students' Achievements
SZIA Students' Performances
Extra-Curricular Activities
Class Activities
News & Events
October 12, 2017:
MYP Section– SZIA Healthy Eating Day
October 9, 2017:
Nursery Class Activity - Learning about Professions and Parts of body
October 9, 2017:
Grade 2 Class Activity - Germination of seeds
October 6, 2017:
Playgroup Class Activity - Fine Motor Skills
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