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Extra-Curricular Activities
Students who attend Sheikh Zayed International Academy-Islamabad enjoy all kinds of extra-curricular activities both on-campus and off-campus. There are a number of purpose-built facilities available at the Academy which all of the students may make use of under supervision at various scheduled and unscheduled times during the school day.

In separate Recreation Club Rooms for senior and junior students, a complete set of age-appropriate board games, puzzles, construction sets, etc. are available for use during the scheduled weekly sessions that are incorporated into the Club periods of each grade level's timetable. For those students who are physically inclined there is the Dance-Aerobics Hall where the specialist SZIA instructor gives lessons in all styles of dance and reinforces routine sequences of aerobics. In addition, we have a gymnastics expert who provides professional training in this more ritualistic discipline. A number of our students who possess abundant physical energy and/or wish to enhance their physical fitness make good use of the separate workout Gym whenever they are free to do so as this Gym is complete with exercise machines to accommodate various levels of fitness. Housed in the same building block is the Music Room where the students who are in the Choir may hone their vocal skills and students who have an interest in playing a particular instrument may also enjoy fine-tuning those skills. Moving outdoors, the Academy provides unlimited opportunities for the playing of sports in the regulation-sized sports courts where the students engage in games of lawn tennis and cricket matches.

As well, all of our students go on various field trips throughout the academic session that take them to a multitude of locations in Pakistan as well as the ultimate location, the United Arab Emrites, a trip which is taken yearly during the Spring Break.

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Extra-Curricular Activities
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October 6, 2017:
Playgroup Class Activity - Fine Motor Skills
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