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Education is a step towards the future. We aim for a healthy environment that positively affects our students' scheme of thinking and interaction.

Our main objectives are:
1: To teach the fundamental processes that lead to academic excellence in all aspects of the Academy's program by:

  • Placing emphasis on understanding and discovery rather than on memorization of factual information
  • Providing stimuli which encourage inquiry and curiosity, thus encouraging self-education
  • Providing small-group and individualized instruction when possible and maintaining a climate that encourages freedom of thought while stressing personal responsibility

2: To develop an appreciation of the Arab cultural heritage and to encourage an appreciation of other cultures by:

  • Promoting mankind's search for understanding through cultural studies
  • Providing cross-culture experiences that promote a spirit of good fellowship and international understanding through formal instruction, recreational and cultural activities
  • Encouraging discussion about the beliefs and conflicts of different cultures positively and objectively

3: To develop critical thinking by:

  • Training the students to predict, compare and contrast, see beyond the words and analyze
  • Enhance students' logical thinking through the weighing of advantages and disadvantages
  • Training the students regarding study skills and emphasizing the importance of always moving from easy to more difficult questions
  • Nurturing the creativity of the students

4: To develop a link in education by:

  • Teaching integrated subjects and thematic topics
  • Applying the activities of one subject to different subject matters
  • Helping students encode information according to an organized schema
  • Integrating information technology of all subjects and at all grade levels

5: To encourage worthy membership in society by:

  • Allowing freedom of discussion
  • Inviting parental involvement in the Academy on an individual basis, as groups and during Parent- Teacher Conferences
  • Stressing personal responsibility in a group as well as in individual activities
  • Fostering links between the Academy, the community and industry

6: To encourage constructive use of leisure time by:

  • Encouraging reading for enjoyment and relaxation
  • Encouraging participation in programs of service to the Academy and the community
  • Making the Academy the centre of student activities by providing the facilities and opportunities for enhancement through sports, arts and crafts, drama, student publications and other programs

7: To help students develop a sense of self-identity and integrity by:

  • Employing faculty members who have a sense of purpose, moral character and dedication, as well as a willingness to communicate with students in a manner that encourages the development of self-worth
  • Helping students discover their own capabilities
  • Helping students become aware of historical and modern people of integrity and their contribution to humankind
  • Helping students develop a sense of dedication and commitment for the benefit of humanity
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