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SZIA Students' Achievements
Virtually since the opening of the Academy, the students of Sheikh Zayed International Academy-Islamabad have been invited to participate in numerous national and international competitions and contests in the fields of Essay-Writing, Speech Delivery, Singing, Art, Poetry, Mathematics and Play Performance. Thus far, these include: The Ministry of the Environment (Pakistan)/WWF On-the-Spot Essay Competition, the World Society for the Protection of Animals On-the-Spot Speech Contest, the Alliance Francaise French Singing Contest, the WWF Nature Carnival, the World Wetlands Gala, the DAWN in Education Spelling Bee, the Kangaroo Mathematics International Contest, the U.K. Global Young Learner’s Art Competition, the WWF Environmental Film Festival, the Islamic Relief International Poster Competition and the Shifa International Poster Competition.

We are very proud of all of our students who participate and compete in these national and international competitions as they have repeatedly succeeded in securing the top prize awards in many of the categories of these competitions that have been held thus far.

March 15, 2004
» Double Accreditation awarded to SZIA by both Cambridge International University and Edexcel London establishing SZIA as a 'Grade A'    Category Examinations Centre.

March 20, 2004
Alliance Francaise Annual French Singing Competition
» 1st Prize
» 2nd Prize

April 4, 2004
WWF Nature Canival 2004
» 1st Prize Clay-Making Modelling: "Wild Animals of Pakistan"

May 13, 2004
French Cultural Centre Art Exhibition
» Three Golden Prize winners' pieces selected to appear on the Alliance Francaise Calendar 2005

September 2004
» The U.N. Adminstration names SZIA as the top-recommended academic institution of enrollment for the children of its Staff Members.

November 26, 2004
French Cultural Centre Art Activity
» Three winners whose pieces were selected for the "International Children's Day" Exhibition

January 31, 2005
Dawn in Education Spelling Bee
» 4th Position (12-14 age category)

March 17, 2005
Kangaroo Mathematics International Contest
» 'Elimination-Round' Standing


April 9, 2005
Alliance Francaise Annual French Singing Competition
» 1st Prize
» 3rd Prize (Consolation)


April 10, 2005
WWF Nature Carnival 2005
» 1st Prize Clay-Making Modelling: "Birds of Pakistan"
» 2nd Prize Clay-Making Modelling: "Wild Flowers of Pakistan"
» 2nd Prize Stall Presentation

April 19, 2005
UK Global Young Learners' Art Competition
» 1st Prize (7-9 years of age category)
» 2nd Prize (12-14 years of age category)


April 27, 2005
WWF Environmental Film Festival
» 1st Prize Presentation Category
» 2nd Prize Drama Category


November 17, 2005
» Presentation by the Federal Minister of Health, M. Naseer Khan SZIA receives the Shield for being named as the greatest supporting Academic    institution for the earthquake victims of Pakistan
» SZIA Principal receives the Medal for being named as an "Active Principal" in support of the earthquake victims of Pakistan

November 19, 2005
Kanaaroo Mathematics International Contest
» 1st Prize National Competition Category
» 3rd Prize International Competition Category

February 2006
Islamic Relief International Poster Competition
» Nine SZIA winner pieces selected on the theme: "Shattered Kashmir-A Paradise on Earth"

March 27, 2006
Pakistan Ministry of the Environment/WWF On-the-Spot Essay Competition
» 1st Prize ('O & A' Level category)/ theme: "Environmental Catastrophe in the Blink of an Eye"

April 1, 2006
SZIA Annual Inter-School Speech Contest
» 1st Prize (Grade 8 category)

May 9, 2006
Shifa International Poster Competition
» Six SZIA winner pieces selected on the theme: "Healthy Pakistan"


September 2006
Presentation by the Ministry of Women Development
» SZIA Principal receives an award for Education

October 10, 2006
World Society for the Protection of Animals On-the-Spot Speech Contest
» 1st Prize "Save the Bears Campaign"

November 9, 2006
Institute of Space Technology: Model Airplane-Making Competition
» SZIA flies its own airplane which was constructed by the students


December 9, 2006
World Wetlands Programme Inception Workshop 3-D Model Competition
» 1st Prize "Flora and Fauna of Pakistan's Wetlands and Types of Wetlands" (Montessori category)

Feburary 10, 2007
World Wetlands Gala
» Winner of Wetlands Gala Art Competition

Feburary 10, 2007
World Wetlands Gala
» 1st Prize 3D Model Competition

Feburary 10, 2008
World Wetlands Gala
» 1st Prize: 3-D Model Competition
» 1st Prize: Poster Competition
» 2nd Prize: Play Performance
» 3rd Prize: Poster Competition

February 10, 2009
World Wetlands Gala: 7 Prizes Awarded to SZIA
» 1st Prize: Play Performance
» 2nd Prize: Art Competition 2009
» 2nd Prize: 3-D Model Competition
» 2nd Prize: Fashion Show Competition
» 2nd Prize: Poetry Competition
» 2nd Prize: Essay Competition
» Wetlands Gala Special Prize: 'Best Participation'


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